September 18th - Greetings from Hayseed Hamfest LLC. Our shop has returned from vacation and is once again turning out capacitors for the world's greatest customers! They are presently attacking the large backlog of orders that accumulated during the past week. Shipping is standing by to get them out the door as quickly as possible beginning this afternoon. Orders received this Monday afternoon are being scheduled to ship in the Friday-Monday time-frame. Thank you all, from Hayseed Hamfest LLC.
National NC-109 Re-Cap Kit from Hayseed Hamfest

National NC-109 Re-Cap Kit

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Can-Type Electrolytic Capacitor
Original Specs: New Specs:
40 uF @ 350V 40 uF @ 450V
20 uF @ 350V 20 uF @ 450V
10 uF @ 350V 10 uF @ 450V

Twist-tab mounting. All sections rated at 105C degrees.Capacitance and leakage tested. Cap tolerance plus or minus 20%

Discrete Poly Replacements*
Original Specs: New Specs:
2 - .01 uF @ 400V ---
2 - .01 uF @ 600V 4 - .01 uF @ 630V
1 - .047 uF @ 200V 1 - .047 @ 630V
1 - .22 uF @ 200V 1 - .22 uF @ 630V

*We do not have definitive data as to the complement of discrete capacitors in this unit. Please check to verify the actual specs used in your receiver. If they differ from the above chart, please contact us. Thank you.