Not a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

At 12:40 p.m. on 8/10/20 a deadly derecho storm struck Cedar Rapids, Iowa - home of Hayseed Hamfest. 

15 minutes later much of the city lay devastated. There were many serious injuries and, sadly, a number of fatalities.

The killer storm packed winds in excess of 140 mph, the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane.

A "real" hurricane might give you a day or two to prepare.  A derecho will allow you a few minutes - 15 in this case.

  Here at Hayseed we were to learn exactly how fast five people can dive under four work benches, given enough incentive.

Hayseed Hamfest went dark for over a week.

 All electricity, internet, cellular and the other utilities were wiped out.  Some parts of town had no electricity even 10 days after the storm.

But...we're back to making can-caps again, as of 8/18.

 Please keep in mind that lead times and the time it takes us to respond to your inquiries will remain longer than we would like for the foreseeable future.  Each day, we work toward alleviating these inconveniences.

Hayseed Hamfest remains commited to you, our customer.

As each day has gone by and we've continued to recover from this calamity, we are ever more appreciative of our wonderful customer base. 

We thank you for your prayers and support, loyalty and understanding.

If you weren't there, we couldn't be here.