7/20/17 - BACK TO FULL PRODUCTION: We are pleased to report that the material shortage at one of our suppliers has been corrected. We will be back at full production on Monday, July 24th. Presently we expect our typical lead-times to return to the usual 1-2 full workdays. Hayseed Hamfest would like to thank you for your patience during the recent period of reduced production.
Knight Star Roamer 4-Section Capacitor

Knight Star Roamer 4-Section Capacitor

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Tubular Electrolytic Capacitor
Original Specs: New Specs:
30 uF @ 350V 30 uF @ 350V
30 uF @ 250V 30 uF @ 250V
30 uF @ 160V 30 uF @ 160V
50 uF @ 50V 50 uF @ 50V

All sections rated at 105C degrees.
Capacitance and leakage tested. Cap tolerance plus or minus 20%