1-31-2018: With material shortages behind us, Hayseed is rolling forward, resuming production of twist-tab can capacitors once again! We're now attacking the backlog of orders accumulated during our best month ever, made possible by the greatest customers...ever! Now, putting in extended hours, we're working to cut our lead-time, currently around two weeks, down to a minimum as quickly as possible. In the meantime we appreciate your hanging in here with us - we'll make sure that your trust is not misplaced!
Knight Star Roamer 4-Section Capacitor

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Knight Star Roamer 4-Section Capacitor

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Tubular Electrolytic Capacitor
Original Specs: New Specs:
30 uF @ 350V 30 uF @ 350V
30 uF @ 250V 30 uF @ 250V
30 uF @ 160V 30 uF @ 160V
50 uF @ 50V 50 uF @ 50V

All sections rated at 105C degrees.
Capacitance and leakage tested. Cap tolerance plus or minus 20%