Power Supply Resistor Upgrade:

for Heathkit HW-16

When re-capping our own Heathkit HW-16s here at Hayseed Hamfest LLC, we've found that the two (2) 100K resistors in the HV power supply section are very frequently defective. This usually results in low key-down B+ on the plate of the 6GE5 final, and therefore lower power output. To combat this problem, we offer an optional resistor upgrade that includes these two (2) 100K units, plus the other four (4) resistors in the power supply.

Our thinking on the additional four (4) resistors is this: While they're are usually "in spec", it's time-consuming and inconvenient to unsolder them from the old can-capacitor, only to face the frustration of attempting to resolder them to the new can-cap's terminals with their already-shortened leads .

We find it more convenient to simply cut these resistors out, discard them and install the new replacements from our upgrade, while having full-length leads to work with.

The four resistors which were originally 2-watt carbon-comp units have been upgraded to 3-watt metal-film type. Despite their more rugged construction, they are physically smaller than the originals and make for a cleaner installation.

Back to the subject of investment, this upgrade kit, when purchased with a Hayseed Hamfest HW-16 can-capacitor or capacitor kit, is priced at $7.50.