1.  Logon to digikey.com.

2.  In order to make sure you get the exact chip that you need, *copy and paste* the following part number into the "Part Number/Keyword" search box and press enter:  SGR-8002DC-PHB-ND

3.  Order whatever quantity you need, up to four (4) per board.  Frequencies will be entered in a later step.

4.  Proceed to your shopping cart and checkout.    Go through the regular purchase routine, which will take you through the pages "Address", "Shipping", and "Payment" and finally to "Preview".

5.  On "Preview" you'll see a text box that says "ORDER NOTES" part-way down the page.  This where you will enter in your frequencies. Here is an example of how to word it, using four 40 meter c.w. frequencies as examples:

"Programming Info for SGR-8002DC-PHB-ND:  One (1) each of the following:
7.123 MHz,  7.115 MHz,  7.040 MHz,  7.030 MHz."

An important point:  You MUST specify the desired frequency(s) in *MHz*.  This is an absolute must.  If you give the frequency in kHz instead, you'll receive chips that have the wrong frequencies and they are non-returnable.

At this point you may go ahead and place the order.  Note that it will show up as "back-ordered" - you may ignore that.  These are considered "back-ordered" until they're programmed to your particular frequencies.  It's DigiKey's internal system.  Your order will typically go out within a day.

As soon as they arrive at your qth you'll want to mark the frequencies on them in some manner - there is nothing on the oscillator itself to tell what frequency it is. 

And that's it.  Enjoy your oscillator(s)!