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Hayseed Hamfest is your #1 supplier of can-type and tubular electrolytic capacitors. These are available in various mounting styles including the classic twist-tab, as well as clamp, octal plug-in, and stud mount.

Our re-cap kits, tailored to specific models of equipment, provide a way of obtaining all the capacitors needed for a typical re-cap project in one convenient package. They include one or more of our can or tubular capacitors along with individual replacements for the other electrolytic and/or paper capacitors needed.

In addition to our stock capacitors and re-cap kits, we also supply custom-made units on an order-out basis with no price penalty and no minimum quantity.

Twist-tab Can-cap Tubular Capacitor Plug-in Capcitor Stud-mount Capacitor Vertical Clamp-mount Capacitor
Twist-tab Tubular Plug-in Stud-mount Vertical clamp-mount

The Hayseed GPO-3 Base

Water-jet cut GPO-3 laminate terminal disk.

Anti-arc - Anti-carbon track - Will not melt

Dimensionally identical to original can base for easy "drop-in" replacement.

Laser-cut Hi-Viz terminal symbols: half-circle, square, triangle.

Easy-to-solder extra-length solid copper terminals.

Bright tin-plated, easy-to-solder twist-tabs.

Bottom Disc
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